Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poached Grouper and Shrimp with Vegetables in Ichiban Dashi

Poached Grouper and Shrimp with Vegetables in Ichiban Dashi

Grouper and Shrimp with Vegetables in Ichiban Dashi
Yield: 2 servings

2 grouper filets (or firm, white fish of your choice)
4 shrimp, peeled, deveined
1 - 3 carrots cut into desired shape, (3 for balls, 1 for other shapes)
2 small red potatoes cut in ¼s
6 oz baby spinach
2 oz sugar snap peas, stringed
2 green onions, green only, cut on diagonal
1 recipe Ichiban Dashi (recipe below)

For the stock:
Make Ichiban Dashi according to recipe.  Reserve, warm, on the side.

For the vegetables:
Cook potatoes in salted water.  Reserve warm.
Cook carrots in salted water.  Reserve warm
Steam just washed spinach in small amount of Ichiban Dashi.  It does not take much since spinach has so much moisture.  Reserve warm
Boil sugar snap peas in a mixture of 50% water and 50% Ichiban Dashi.

For the fish and shrimp:
Set up a pan to poach the seafood by adding just enough Ichiban Dashi to the pan to cover the seafood.  Heat it until it is steaming but not simmering.  Add the fish and shrimp.  They will cook at different speeds.  When one is done remove it and reserve it warm on the side.

For service:
Arrange vegetables in serving bowl.
Place fish filet in middle of bowl.
Arrange two shrimp on top of fish.
Ladle desired amount of hot Ichiban Dashi over the vegetables and seafood.
Sprinkle with cut green onions.

Ichiban Dashi
Yield 2 ½ qt

2 ½ qt cold water
3 inch square Kombu
1 cup katsuobushi (dried preflaked bonito)

Bring water to a boil over high heat.
Add the kombu and let the water come just to a boil again and remove the kombu from the water.
Stir the katsuobushi into the boiling water and turn off the heat
Let the stock rest undisturbed until the katsuobushi sinks to the bottom.
Skim any surface scum.
Strain the stock through a double layer of cheesecloth. 
Reserve the Kombu and the katsuobushi for making niban dashi.
The stock is ready to use or can be chilled and refrigerated. 

Hope you enjoy.
Until next time.
Happy Cooking and Eating
Chef Leslie Bartosh

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