Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spring 2010 International Cuisine

Wow!  Where did time go.  I just realized I haven't posted anything here in a while So.................To make up for lost time here is an update on what is going on in our program.
We have eight new students who have joined us this semester, which is great!
Welcome aboard guys!

Our lab class is in International Cuisine at the present time.  We had our first lab class last night. 
The class did an outstanding job on the menu with each person preparing multiple items.  We have a newly crowned Pita Bread master.

Chase did an outstanding job on this bread.  The photos do not do it justice!  It was truly bionic!

Other outstanding items from the night include the Naan made by Alex

the Yalantzi Domathes ( Steamed grape leaves with rice) by Tara

and last but not least the Muhallabeya (milk Pudding) by Joshua.
The milk pudding was a great end to the spices of the night.  After the falafel, the chicken with honey and almonds, the baba ghanooj, and the hummos, it was light, cool and refreshing.

The naan and the milk pudding are new recipes for this year.  I think they will be around for a while.

I will try to take some more photos as the week goes on and post them as things permit.
Until then.................Happy Eating