Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ice Carving

At Alvin Community College our culinary program does hands on ice carving as a part of our garde manger class. In most cases, our students have never seen ice carved or carved ice themselves.  This year, our class did an exceptional job of carving.  I am glad to be able to share these photos with you.

Each group receives a half block of ice and carves the same item.  The idea is for everyone to have the level of difficulty in their carving.

Due to the nature of ice carving, this is the one exception we have to our mandatory uniform policy.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the groups and their finished sculptures.
Left to right:  Zach, Meagan, Ben, Briana
Left to right:  Karen, Sokphak, Kaitlyn, Mireya

Left to right:  Rebecca, Randi, Jordan, Matt

If you see these young chefs, be sure to tell them about seeing the carving.  It will mean a great deal.

Until next time.
Bon Appetit Ya"ll

Chef Leslie Bartosh