Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chef Sean Dunn at Dawson High School

Earlier I posted a picture of myself and one of Chef David Romano who is an adjunct instructor in our our culinary arts program. At long last, here is a photo of Chef Sean Dunn. Chef Dunn joined our staff in fall 2009 to instruct in the dual credit culinary arts program at Glenda Dawson High School.

He is a welcome edition to our staff and has created a lot excitement about the program at Dawson High School.  We had great enrollment for the first year of this program and indications are that next years enrollment may have us adding sections. Well done Chef Dunn!

Until I can edit and post some more pictures from the rest of the International Cuisine Class - Happy Eating
Chef Leslie Bartosh

Monday, February 15, 2010

Italian Cuisine

Wow!  Have the weeks gone by.  It seems like I blink and two or more weeks have zooooooomed by.

Well I will try to play catch up over the next couple of weeks.  I still have a lot of photos to process.
I am going to post photos from our Italian section in International Cuisine for right now.
To up date you on what has gone on and what the student are doing: I had the honor of spending Friday February 5 at Foster High School with the culinary arts class of Ms. Yearby.  I was able to visit with five classes during the course of the day about being a chef, our culinary program and all sorts of fun things.  International Cuisine is over the students have moved into American Regional Cuisine.
Here are the photos from our Italian Section:

First on the menu:  Fettuccine alla Matriciana 
These photos are in order of how they show in my pictures:
Accompanied by: Focaccia con le Olive: An olive studded Focaccia or flatbread

As a part of the meal we had some wonderful fried  Fontina Risotto Balls

Our salad was a delightful Salad Nicoise

Somewhere along the way we also had a wonderful Pizza Rustica, which as you can tell by the photo is not your typical pizza!  It is filled with sliced meats, cheeses and features an egg custard base.

 Our meals in this section also included Spaghetti Alla Putanesca, spaghetti with olives, capers and anchovies
and Pollo alla Cacciatora: Chicken Hunter Style
Overall the students did a great job on these dishes.  We also made fresh ricotta and mascarpone cheese as a part of this section.  What fun.
I will post more photos soon.
Until then:  Happy Eating