Monday, May 10, 2010

commencement 2010

Well, the school year at Alvin College has come to an end.  Yes summer classes will happen as always but the primary academic year is done.  It will conclude on Tuesday May 11 with our annual commencement exercise. 
I like attending graduation.  It gives me a chance to reflect on the victories and the defeats that have occurred during the year (the Alvin Community College culinary arts program holds it's lab classes only during the regular semesters).  The things I did well and those I could have done better at.  Every class year is a chance to do better than the previous year.
I enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of the students.  Not just the culinary arts students but all the students.  They have all worked hard to get to where they are at.  In many cases there have been some serious sacrifices made to achieve their education.  I feel privileged to be allowed to share in their moment of accomplishment.

Happy Eating
Chef Bartosh