Thursday, April 7, 2016

Inspired Sausage

Like many folks, who are into food, I read a lot about food.  Sometimes I read something that sticks with me.  That is how this recipe came about.  Over the last few months I read two posts that took a slightly different approach to making a particular sausage and I wanted to make a sausage that was different than anything I had previously made.  By combining the two ideas I came up with the following.
This sausage starts with a Kielbasa flavor profile, but the meat is changed and some of the meat is hand cut instead of being ground.
Here are a couple of photos of the end product.

Here is the recipe.

2 parts pork butt, 1 part beef - chuck roast, 1 part hand cut pork loin medium to large dice. 

1814 gr meat
14 gr fresh garlic
26 gr kosher salt
13 gr coarse grind black pepper
9 gr paprika
2 gr marjoram leaves
Grind the pork butt and chuck roast 2 x coarse grind (1/2 inch) with the fresh garlic.
Mix in the spices and grind fine (1/4 inch).
Fold in the hand cut pork loin.
Vacuum pack or use a large ziplock and age in the refrigerator for at least 1 day, up to 2 days.
Stuff into casings and allow to age, uncovered in the refrigerator on a rack, overnight to form a pellicle.
Next day hot smoke for 2 hours at 190 f for two hours or until an internal temperature of 160 f is reached.  I used mesquite.

I hope you enjoy.

Until next time
Bon Appetit
Chef Leslie Bartosh