Monday, January 24, 2011

International Cuisine

This has been a runaway semester.  I have managed to take a few photos but have not had a chance to edit them yet.  Since I have not posted much this semester, I thought I would share the menus with you, that we have done so far. 
As always we started with the Middle East, went to Italy, then to France, on to Germany and Eastern Europe.  Tonight, we are in Scandinavia which is day nine in the sequence.
Here are our menus.  I hope you enjoy.  I hope to publish pictures by weeks end.
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Day one Middle East

Baba Ghanooj (eggplant dip)
Batata Harra (Sauteed potatoes with garlic, chilies and cilantro)
Couscous with cilantro and almonds
Djaj Matisha Mesla (Chicken with Tomatoes and Honey)
Falafel ( Fried chickpea balls)
Farareer (Baked “Birds Nest Pastries”)
French Bread
Hummos bi Taheeni (Chickpea and garlic dip)
Jajik ( cucumber salad)
Khubz Arabi, Pita ( Arabian Bread – Pita Bread)
Moroccan Kebobs
Muhallabeya (Milk Pudding)
Pita with Falafel, Tomato, Tahini and Lemon
Shawrbat Àdas Maa Banadoura (lentil and tomato soup)
Spana kopita (spinach and feta pie)
Tahini  (Sesame seed paste)
Yalantzi Domathes (Steamed grape leaves with rice)
Yogurt Tahini Sauce

Day two Middle East

Avgolemo 67
Baklava (layered Walnut and phyllo pastry)
Batrik (Turkish Bulgur Salad with Nuts)
Burghul pilaf
Fish in a Hot Saffron and Ginger Tomato Sauce
Hot stuffed grape leaves
Israli pot roast
Khoubz al-Riqzq ( Thin Arabian Bread)
Koftit Ferakh (Fried Minced Chicken Balls
Mujadarra (lentils and rice with fried onions)
 (lentil Balls) Mercinek Kofte  
Musakka’a  (Eggplant, chickpea and tomato)
Pan Cooked Fish Filet with Chermoula Sauce
Potato Latkes
Ricotta cheese
Tabbouleh  (bulghur wheat salad)
Tomato kugel
Yakhni Batinjaan (eggplant stew)

Day three Italy

2 color ravioli with pesto cream sauce
Ciabbatta (prep)
Dijon vinaigrette
Egg pasta 
Egg pasta and tomato pasta
Focaccia Con Le Olive (Flat bread with Olives) 
Fettuccine ala Matriciana
Fontina Risotto balls
Mascarpone cheese
Pizza Rustica (Country Pizza)
Pollo alla cacciatore
Salad nicoise
Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca (Spaghetti with olives, capers and anchovies)
Zuppa alla Pavese

Day four – Italy

Alredo sauce
Braciole alla Marinara
Calzone Pugliese (Calzone)
Ciabatta bread
Egg pasta
Gnochi di polenta
Involtini Di Melanzane Alla Mozzarella (Stuffed Eggplant Rolls)
Italian Sausage (with onions, peppers, tomato sauce II and rigatoni with cheese on top)
Lady fingers
Lasagna a Alfredo e Funghi
Pasta e fagioli
(Potato) Gnocchi and (tomato sauce II
Prep kim chi
Scaloppini Cu Marsala (Veal Scaloppine with marsala)
Spaghetti Carbonara alla romana

Day five -France

Buttered egg noodles
Charlotte de tomatoes (gratin of tomato and potato)
Clafoutis aux pommes
Coq au vin
Goujonettes with remoulade
Pappilottes of red snapper Provencal
Pate brisee
Roasted Pepper gratin
Sauerbraten (prep)
Soup al’oignon gratinee
Soupe au pistou
Supremes chausseur
Tarte al’oignon

Day six France

Blanquette de veau
Champignons aux fine herbs
Egg noodles
Filet de poisson au vin blanc
Gravlax prep
Pomme de terre Dijon (potatoes in mustard cream)
Poularde al’Estragon
Red potato mushroom 
Rice pilaf
Sauté de Veau Marengo
Tart tatin

Day seven Germany

Apfelkuchen (apple and rum custard cake)
Bohensalat (green bean salad)
Egg noodles with bread crumbs

Frankfurter Gruen Sosse  with fingerling potatoes

Kartoffelklosse (potatoe dumpling)
Konigsberger Klopse (poached meatballs in lemon and caper sauce)
Pate brisee
Pilze mit tomaten und speck (mushrooms with tomato and bacon)
Roesti potatoes
Rote rubensalat (pickled beets)
Rotkohl mit’apfen (red cabbage with apples)
Rouladen (Braised stuffed beef rolls)
Sauerbraten (marinated beef roast)
Warmer Kartoffelsalat mit speck (Potato salad warm)
Wiener schnitzel  (veal cutlet Viennese style)
Zwiebelkutchen (Onion tarte) 

Day eight Eastern Europe –

Apfel strudelfulle
Banitsa (Flaky Cheese Rolls)
Borshch Ukraïnsky Ukranian Beet Soup
Bramborava Polevko – potato soup
Bramborové Knedlíky (Bohemian potato dumpling)
Brotknoedel (bread dumpling)
Csirke paprikas (chicken paprika)
Fazolove Lusky na Paprice ( green beans with paprika)
Galuska ( small dumpling)
Gulyás (Hungarian Goulash)
Kolache, apple and cheese
Lecso (tomato and green pepper ragout)
Moraské Zelí  (Moravian cabbage)
Srski Ajvar (Serbian Vegetable Caviar)
Székely Gulyás  (Transylvanian Goulash)

Day nine – Scandinavia

Agurkesalat – (pickled Cucumber salad)
Ärter med Fläsk (Pea soup with pork)
Brunede Kartofler  (Caramelized potatoes)
Brunkålssuppe (Brown cabbage soup)
Fransk Äppelkaka  (Baked apple halves with almond topping)
Gravlax (capers, sour cream, diced red onion, toast)
Gravlaxsås  (Mustard and dill sauce)
Hasselbackpotatis ( roasted potatoes)
Jansson’s Frestelse  (Jansson’s temptation)
Lockdolmar (stuffed onion rolls)
Mazarintårta  (Swedish almond raspberry tart)
Mørbrad Med Svedsker Og Aebler (Pork Loin Stuffed with Prunes and Apples)
Paistetut Sienet  (Mushrooms in sour cream)
Sienisalaatti (Fresh mushroom salad)
Små Köttbullar  (small Swedish meatballs;
Syltede rodbeder (Pickled beets)
Toskakake  (Almond caramel cake ) 

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Happy Eating
Chef Leslie Bartosh
faculty chair culinary arts
Alvin Community College
3110 Mustang Road
Alvin, Texas  77511

Friday, January 21, 2011

New faculty member

I am pleased to announce that Chef Mary Bass has joined our program as an adjunct instructor.  Chef Bass will teach American Regional Cuisine this semester.  Chef Bass achieved her A.A.S. degree in culinary arts through Galveston College and has been self employed since that time.
Chef Bass is the Chef/Owner of It's Your Day event planner.
Welcome aboard Chef Bass!

Until next time.
Happy Eating

Chef Leslie Bartosh
faculty chair culinary arts
Alvin College
3110 Mustang Road
Alvin, Texas  77511