Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fall 2012 Semester Wrap Up

Wow!  The year has flown by.  I usually have made several posts by now.  But, except for some chicken wing recipes, I have not posted much this year.  It has been very busy.
So, as we start the New Year, I thought I would post some photos from the fall semester.
Unfortunately, I do not not have all the photos with me.  So I will try to post more in the next week or so when I get back on campus. 
I am going to post these alphabetically.  They were taken in class and reflect some of what we do.

The Kitchen Elves and myself from this years Breakfast with Santa.  A wonderful event that is turning into an annual community support/outreach project for the culinary arts.
Left to right: Levi, Stephanie, Ms. Clause, Santa, Dawn, and Myself.

An excellent photo of a single egg Benedict.  The sauce consistency is outstanding.

Potato Gnocchi with Parmesan Cheese.

Potato Gnocchi again.  This time in a bowl with some of our house made french bread.

Making cheese ravioli with two color pasta.

The ravioli theme continued.

Mise en place for Salsa Rossa.  One of the sauces that we made to go with the potato gnocchi.

The tomatoes for Salsa Rossa.
A beautiful Vermilion Snapper.  We butcher round fish in Saucier.

Said Vermilion Snapper being processed by (L to R)  Bryan and Airam.

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