Friday, April 15, 2011

Principles of Healthy Cuisine

Healthy Cuisine.  To some people those words bring images of cardboard food.  Food that has no flavor.  Well I am here to tell you that you can have healthy food and flavor too!
Over the next few days I will be posting photos from our class:  Principles of Healthy Cuisine.  I hope the photos will be able to convey just how good the food was.  Each section of photos will be posted alphabetically.
I hope you enjoy!

 Country Style Shrimp Etouffee:  Rebekah did an outstanding job on this dish.  I enjoyed it enough that I think this will be dinner tonight!

 Pearl pasta with peas and corn.  A nice use of Israeli couscous.

 Potato vegetable hash.  Nice comforting flavors.

 Roasted pepper soup with oven dried corn bread croutons.  Spicy and nice.

Stewed White Bean Soup.  This white bean soup used house smoked turkey necks and onion with some tomato.  The smoked turkey necks and onion replaced any pork products that you might normally use and gave it a really great flavor and aroma.  Very nice!

These photos are the start.  I hope you enjoyed them.  There were so many good dishes it is hard to choose what to post.  Ultimately, I wind up posting the photos that came out best.
Until next time.
Happy Eating
Chef Leslie Bartosh
Faculty Chair, Culinary Arts
Alvin Community College
3110 Mustang Road
Alvin, Texas 77511

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