Friday, April 8, 2011

More photos from 2011 International Cuisine

As promised here are few more photos.  I will have more posted soon.  The file of photos is so large that I feel like I can keep a little better organized if I process and post a few at a time.

Here you go.  As always, I hope you enjoy.

On our last night in France we made Bouillabaisse which turned our quite good.

After France we kind of wandered around Europe for a little bit.
In Austria we had a simply wonderful Apfel Strudelfulle, pictured above.
It followed a delectable meal including Wiener Schnitzel.

While in the Czech Republic we had a simple but quite delicious Bramborova Poleka or Potato Soup

there are more photos to come.  I will try to post a couple of more before my afternoon meeting starts.

Until then:
Happy Eating
Chef Leslie Bartosh
Alvin Community College
Faculty Chair, Culinary Arts
3110 Mustang Road
Alvin, Texas  77511

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