Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Texas Restaurant Association Southwest Food Service Expo and Robb Walsh

On Sunday, June 27, I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Restaurant Association Southwest Food Service Expo.  The show runs for three days, but I could only attend on Sunday.  While there, I stopped and visited with the Russel and Linda from the Texas Beef Council. 
Much to my surprise, I found out that one of my favorite cook book authors, Robb Walsh, would be signing his cookbooks at the Texas Beef Council booth.  In fact, I was told that Robb had just arrived and was on his way to the booth.  While I own most of the books that Robb has written, I could not resist waiting and meeting this fine author.  What a treat! 
After a brief but nice conversation, Robb was kind enough to pose for a photo with me (Robb is on the left).  And, by the way, as a native Texas who grew up in south Texas, I heartily endorse the book that Robb is holding in the photograph.

As always, the TRA EXPO had many sites and sounds.  There were old friends to see.  New products and foods to taste as well some favorites to sample again.  Overall, it was a good show and time well spent. 
Check out Robb's books.  They are well written and contain a great deal of anecdotal information that is helpful in understanding why a dish works or how it came about.
Until next time.

Happy Eating

Chef Bartosh

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