Sunday, June 20, 2010

Enrolling at Alvin Community College

Many of the common questions I get revolve around the enrollment process: what do I do?
Well, the answers to the seemingly complicated process are actually pretty simple.

At this time of year, if a student is planning on starting in the fall semester the first thing I urge a student to do is to apply for federal financial aid on line; they need to complete the FAFSA  Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  The application process, when done on line takes about three weeks from the time the student completes the application to when the results are known.
The FAFSA can be found at the following URL:
The process is straight forward, ( I do this every year with my daughter over the phone.  I will say it helps me to have the form up so I can read the questions.).
the results of the FAFSA are used for student loans and in some cases qualify a student for some types of grants.

Fill out the College's application.  It can be found online at:
I have not filled this one out but presume it is also straight forward.

Have official copies of any transcripts from high school or any previous college classes forwarded to Alvin Community College.  This allows our academic advisors to review your information and determine if any form of placement testing is required.  Any student entering into a 2 year degree in the state of Texas needs to complete the THEA test.  the THEA test is designed to prove that a student can function in the ares of reading, writing and math at a college level.  The need for Placement testing may be waived by appropriate scores on the TAKS exam, SAT or ACT scores.  If you already have completed previous college level classes in reading, writing and math your scores may also negate the need for placement testing.

If you need placement testing visit with our academic advisors to determine the type of testing available and times.  You must complete placement testing regardless of whether you are entering the degree or certificate programs.

I urge students to order their uniforms early.  I do have clean uniforms that students can try on for size.  The uniforms can be purchased through the college store.

The only supplies that a student needs that are not carried in the college store are a set of measuring spoons and measuring cups.

If I can be of any assistance in this process please feel free to contact me.

Until then: Happy Eating
Chef Bartosh

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