Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Nights Dinner

Last nights dinner.
I had some house smoked (pecan) salmon that I needed to use.  Thought about doing pizza with it but that was more work than I wanted.  So, as the mind turned, thought about pasta.  I had some frozen shrimp stock and few asparagus spears on hand.
There is not a defined recipe for this dish, but it is easy and and would work without the shrimp stock.
I reduced 3 cups of shrimp stock to a 1/2 cup.
Added 3 cups heavy cream.
Reduced the cream by 1/2 with a little dried basil.

While that was going on, I lightly sauted some thick sliced mushrooms and then turned off the heat and let them sit.
I blanched off the asparagus in the boiling pasta water and shocked it in ice water to stop the cooking.  When the asparagus was cold I cut it into lengths and added it to the mushrooms.
While the farfalle was cooking I chunked up the pecan smoked salmon and added it to the mushroom mixture.
When the farfalle was cooked I shocked it to stop the cooking process.
So at this stage the cream reduction is ready.
I reheated the mushroom, asparagus and smoked salmon mixture and added it into the hot the cream reduction.
I seasoned this with a little black pepper.
I reheated the farfalle by putting it into boiling water and then draining it.
The farfalle was added into the cream mixture stirred once or twice and voila.  Dinner was ready.
Pecan smoked salmon, mushrooms and asparagus in a shrimp, cream reduction sauce with farfalle.
Served with crusty bread.

Until next time.
Happy Cooking and Eating
Chef Leslie Bartosh

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