Monday, November 7, 2011


Those of you who have followed this blog know i post photos of the classes.  This year I am trying to take some photos with students in the shot as well as some pictures of dishes we have not posted before.  But before I post any photos, I have to tell you:  The class made some really nice fish mousseline last Thursday.  When coupled with Sauce Nantua, my!  My taste buds were singing.

So, here we go.  This is the first batch of photos from the 2011 Saucier class.

One of the things we do in this class is make a mother sauce and turn them into leading sauces.  In the following three photes you can see three different small sauces being served with sauteed chicken breast, duchess potato variations and broccoli with beurre blanc.

 Poulet Roulade aux Provencal:  Chicken roulade provencal was the star one evening along with fresh egg pasta.  The next two photos show the roulades being seared, followed by a plate.

Compound butters are one of the things we make.  You can pack a lot of flavor into these versatile butters.
Pictured below, clockwise from top left, is:  Shallot Parsley Butter , Marchand du Vin Butter, Bearnaise Butter and Maitre d'Hotel Butter.  They are wonderful melted on top of grilled Moo Cow.
 As a part of the class we cleaned some fish so we could make fish stock and then use the fish in some dishes.  Here Kim and her fish are seeing eye to eye.
 Stephanie did a great job of filleting her fish.
 As mentioned earlier, we made fresh egg pasta to go with the poulet roulade aux provencal.  Savannah is shown here cutting some of her groups dough.
 Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are among the sauces we make in this class.  Monse is running some ketchup through the food mill.
 Of course, we had to make ravioli with to go with the pesto sauce.  Young Zach was kind enough to do the honors for his group.

When we made Coq au Vin, to learn how to use the thickener, Beurre Manie, we made spaetzle as an accompaniment.

So, there you go.  The photos speak for themselves but can not do the quality of the food justice.
The class has done an outstanding job, so far.  I hope to have a few more photos to post later this week or early the next.

Until next time
Happy Eating

Chef Leslie Bartosh, CEC, FMP
Alvin Community College
3110 Mustang Road
Alvin, Texas  77511

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