Thursday, April 1, 2010

More photos from International Cuisine Class

I finally have a moment to post some more photos from the past international cuisine class so .................. These are in no particular order:

This is a picture Brazo de Gitano ("Gypsy's Arm" Rolled Sponge Cake) often described as a traditional chocolate rum cream cake roll.  In this case we topped it with rosettes of chocolate Chantilly cream.  It was quite nice.

This photo is Yangnyeom Dak - Korean Fried Chicken.  Quite nice.  Crispy even when tossed in the sauce, sweet and spicy. To use a phrase that one of my students recently used: full of mmmm.

I hope I have not already posted this one

Ibis Escabechadas (Yucatecan Pickled Lima Beans)  Quite tasty.  We did this in our Latin American section.

Mazarintårta (Swedish Almond Raspberry Torte)
another full of mmmmmm
need I say more?

Sweet and Sour Pork
and last for now but not least.

Tempura from our day in Japan.  We did many more dishes but these are the photos that came out.
I hope they show some of the diversity in the food we do in International Cuisine.
If you would like any of the recipes just drop me a line.
Until next time.
Happy Eating
Chef Bartosh

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