Friday, April 23, 2010

garde manger class spring 2010

The last class in our eight class sequence is garde manger. This class uses some of all the techniques the students have previously learned and also introduces them to some new skills. As part of the class, students prepare plated salads and they learn about ice carving. The following photos show some of "ice night" and a couple of plated salads.
Here Chef Bartosh is chipping away at a recalcitrant angel fish while some of the students look on.

In this photo Tara wields the chain saw while being observed by Erin, Chef Romano, and Chase

In the salad department the students prepared a nice Waldorf salad
followed by Casino Egg on French Salad.
The salad is composed of a poached egg, placed on top of French Salad, coated with Chaud Froid sauce.

I'll have more photos from the class in the next few days.
In the meantime:  Happy Eating

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