Thursday, May 5, 2016

Friends and Family Night and End of Semester

I have taught culinary classes since 1996.  Up until this year if you had told me I would have a one armed culinary arts student, without prosthetic, I would have said unn huh.  If you had told me this same person would use a chain saw to carve ice, I would have asked: what did the Doctor give you?
I am here to tell you it is true.
Corey joined our program in August 2015.  He has been an inspiration to all of us.  He has inspired us not only with his since of humor but also his work ethic and attitude.  Thank you for sharing with us Corey.
Ice carving is one the few times in a year that our students do not have to wear their uniforms.
Here are a couple of more carvings.  We give each group of students a half block of ice and a stencil.

We use the best carving for our end of semester Friends and Family night.  Among our gests this year were Jody Droege, ACC Board of Regents;  Dr Albrecht, ACC President, and husband;  Dr. Cindy Griffith, VP of Instruction and husband, Dr. Linda Austin, Dean of Technical Studies and Jim Simpson Dean of Continuing Education.
Here are few photos from the event.

The evening culminates with our students joining their families for dinner.  The students did an outstanding job!  A big thank you to Chef Mary bass for providing the guidance to our students.
The cast of characters:  aka our students :-)

Until next time,

Bon Appetit Y'all
Chef Leslie Bartosh

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