Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Alvin Community College Awards Day

Every spring, the Alvin Community College school year comes to an end with many events, including awards day.  This year the Culinary Arts program was able to award scholarships to five of our students.  Pictures of the awards are below.

In this photo Chef Mary Bass is presenting Chinnia Duch with a departmental scholarship.  Also receiving a departmental scholarship but not pictured, was Joanne Ralowicz.

 Pictured is Chef Mary Bass awarding the Haak Vineyards Culinary Arts Scholarship to Jewellisa  Aguilar.
Chef Bass is the Executive Chef for Haak Vineyards in addition to being an adjunct faculty member at ACC.
 Pictured left to right is Chef Leslie Bartosh, CEC, FMP, program chair, Conseiller Culinaire Provincial; awarding Jessica Maness and Emily Baldridge the Chaine des Rotissuers culinary arts scholarship.

All the awards were well deserved.

Until next time.
Bon Appetit Y'all
Chef Leslie Bartosh

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