Wednesday, February 22, 2012

International Cuisine Photos

WOW!  Seems I blinked and here we are almost two weeks later.  So without too much ado.  The food from International Cuisine was outstanding but the photographer ( I don't really know what he was doing) is another story.  The class really rose to the challenge!
Here are a few photos of the food.
Hope you enjoy.

These Caramelized Potatoes - Brunede Kartofler were simply the best that any class has produced!

There was much concentration applied in the class as recipes were sized and students tried to understand the flavor profiles.

The kakiage (Mixed vegetable tempura) was delicious.

The Lokdolmar Swedish Stuffed Onion Rolls were plump and tasty.

Preparing the shrimp for sushi brought about a new level of respect for the sushi chef.

The Sumashi Wan - clear soup with tofu and chicken was sublime.

The sushi disappeared quickly.

The Toscakake - Norwegian Almond Caramel Cake was quite nice.
And the mushroom potatoes were roasted well.

All in all, it was sixteen days of delightful food.
Thanks guys.  You know who you are!

Until next time.
Happy Eating
Chef Bartosh

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