Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garde manger class

The school year is over.  As usual our school year ended with Garde Manger.  The students did a great job in class.  The ice carvings came out great!  Chef Bland did a great job with the class.
The following pictures, from the class, are in alphabetical order.
Here is a shot of Adrian concentrating on his cuts.  Adrian developed some of the best knife skills of the whole class!
A dynamic trio if I ever saw one:  Alicia, Allen and Yvonne with one of their platters.
This angel fish ice carving was done by the team of:  Maria, Rebekah, and Rachel.  It was judged to be the best of the class by an outside judge.  You can see it displayed as a part of the class end of year buffet in the following photo.

An open face bacon and lettuce sandwich.
Roast beef and cucumber canape.
Buffet platter with chicken wings and stuffed mushrooms.
 Crudite with dip.
Fruit platter with fruit kabobs

More to follow

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