Friday, September 17, 2010

Culinary Arts Program Update

After I posted the photo of the chicken adobo recipe that one of our readers sent in I realized I had not updated the culinary arts blog on the status of the program.  So with that in mind, here is a brief synopsis of what has been going on here at ACC.
Class started on August 26.  This year most of our classes either sold out or have very good enrollment.  Our basic food prep class is going great and is almost over.  The students have done a great job in tackling knife skills and basic cooking techniques.
One of the first meals they prepare is a roasted chicken like this one.

I am pleased to report that everyone did a great job on their birds and the accompanying pan gravy.
The class has done an outstanding on most of the items they have prepared.  They are just about finished with basic food preparation and will soon start fundamentals of baking.
I hope to post some photos from fundamentals of baking as the class progresses.
Until next time.
Happy Eating
Chef Leslie Bartosh


  1. What a nice looking roasted chicken. Was this one done in your classroom by your students or submitted in? Great job they did!!

  2. Hello Amanda P:
    Thank you for your kind comment/question.
    The first nights of class usually don't allow for much photography, unfortunately. The chickens that the students roasted were outstanding!

    The picture of the roast chicken was taken at my home. My wife was performing the chef duties that evening and did an outstanding job.
    Thanks again for your comments.
    Chef Leslie Bartosh

  3. Chef,
    Is your culinary program for credit only?


  4. Thank you for your question.
    Our program functions primarily as a credit program but all of our classes are available on a non-credit basis through our continuing education department.
    Chef Bartosh