Monday, November 10, 2014

Red Fresno Pepper Hot Sauce

With winter rapidly approaching I thought I would share a recipe for something different, that will help warm you up; Red Fresno Pepper Hot Sauce.  The recipe is easy and it tastes good.  That has earned it a place in the rotation at my house.  It is similar in taste and texture to Sriracha.
Be sure to see the notes at the end.

As noted in the body of the recipe, the recipe is by Chef Lee Gregory and I found it on the website.

Here is picture of the finished product:

Red Fresno Pepper Hot Sauce
Chef Lee Gregory
The Roosevelt – Richmond, VA., USA

Yield:  1 qt

Fresno chilies, stemmed and sliced, 2 lb
Salt 3 Tbsp
Sugar 1 Tbsp
Cider Vinegar 2 c

Season peppers with salt and sugar and cryovac or seal in an airtight jar.
Ferment for about 7 days.
Puree peppers with their liquid, add vinegar and strain.
Reserve refrigerated for up to 1 month.

I cut the recipe in half and it worked perfectly. 
I cryovaced the peppers.  If you do so, use a large bag to allow for expansion by the gasses, caused by fermentation.  I will do this next time in a ball jar and either leave the lid on loosely to allow the gasses to escape or will open the lid twice a day to "burp" the peppers.
The fermentation is done at room temperature.

I hope you enjoy.
Until next time
Bon Appetit
Chef Leslie Bartosh

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