Friday, November 12, 2010

shrimp and rice egg roll

I just realized that I am running behind in my quest to publish a recipe a month that uses 8 ingredients or less.
So..........  Here is this months installment: 

Shrimp and Rice Egg Roll
4 servings

4 each egg roll skins
1 cup cooked rice
5 oz hot, pre-prepared shrimp bisque 
4oz cooked, peeled, de-veined, medium shrimp cut in ½ inch pieces
3ea green onion, medium, sliced ¼ inch thick, green and white

Combine rice with warm shrimp bisque, shrimp and green onion.
Lay out four egg roll wrappers, on a cutting board, so they look like a diamond with tips at top and bottom.
Center, even portions of the Japanese rice mixture on the wrappers, from the left to the right side, leaving a 2 inch piece of each side of the wrapper uncovered.
Paint the bare portions of the wrapper with water.
Fold the lower tip over the filling.
Fold in each side to overlap the lower “tip” and to enclose the filling from the sides.
Roll forward to fully enclose the filling.
Deep fry each egg roll in 350 F° canola oil until golden brown.
Remove from oil and drain excess oil. (There may be a small amount of filling left over.)

Serving suggestions
Cut each shrimp and rice egg roll diagonally.
Overlap the two pieces of each shrimp and rice egg roll on the plate, so the person eating the egg roll can see the filling.
Accompany the egg roll with a small salad of snow pea shoots and mung bean sprouts lightly dressed with rice vinegar and roasted sesame oil; and wasabi green peas as a garnish.
If you do not want to make your own shrimp bisque use a good quality canned one.
You can use steamed/boiled shrimp purchased from your local market for this recipe if you like.  Just make sure you like the overall flavor of them.
You can prepare these by blanching them in hot oil until they just start to brown and chilling them rapidly.  This allows you to finish frying them for service without having to make them from scratch.  
To do this prepare the egg rolls up to the frying stage.  Fry them until they just start to color.  Remove from the oil and allow to cool at room temperature on a rack (so excess oil drains away) for 15 - 20 minutes, then refrigerate (preferably on the rack).  
When you are ready for service, remove the egg rolls from the refrigerator and allow to rest at room temperature for 30 minutes.  Deep fry to desired doneness.  This will give the egg roll proper color, heat it through and make it very crisp.
                                                               Shrimp and Rice Egg Roll

This recipe combines several things I like:  Shrimp in a shrimp flavored "sauce", combined with rice in a crispy edible wrapper.  Comfort food!

Until next time.
Happy Eating.

Chef Leslie Bartosh

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